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My other treasure.

My other find was a silver plated tray. I sanded and spray painted the tray. Added a gold glaze to add some contrast. Then added a copy of a vintage print. Also, added a few of my favorite saying. Sealed and added a ribbon were I drilled holes. I made some magnets which I attached to bottle caps to hold notes.

I spray painted the bottle caps and added an image to the center with Diamond Glaze to seal. Now I have a new message board.


I sanded and spray painted it. Then used some of my favorite stamps on old book pages. I then mod podge them to the box - added a few butterflies -sealed and now I have a fantastic box to hold my pens and markers in.

finish box

It works great to hard all my markers and pens.

Trip to Good Will

Went to Good Will and found this lovely box.

The parents are trying to get him to fly away with them, but he is being very hard headed it has been three days since first seeing him. The parents are very patient.

On our walk today

On our walk today we saw this baby hawk. His parents were near by keeping watch. We were about 6 feet away from him before he flew to a tree near by.