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Just Something Sample

I got these frames with the cork sheet already in them at the Dollar Tree - they were unpainted so just added some off white paint-used a little crackle paint on top and then gold glazed-sealed. I made the push pin with the glass stones that were painted with different seasons of the year. Added the flowers and a hanger on the back-this was a quick and easy project.


I found these lovely candle stick holders-they are very heavy metal-so what to make? I decided they would be wonderful pin cushions, but as I was finishing them I thought what a perfect way to keep your brooches-plus that way you can enjoy your brooches even when you are not wearing them.
So, easy to make just used some velvet and stuffing-glued them in the candle stick-then added the trim-I used a hat pin with beads on it to stick the butterfly on -added a little glue to keep in place-


"The Sum Of All My Crafts" is having a pennant swap. You have to make 3 and they can be made with paper, clothe anything you want to use. I used muslin and traced some vintage images on to the muslin, colored with oil pencils and then embroider the images. I added glass beads and some flowers to some and then added the ribbon hanger with a bow. Last I added some vintage buttons.


More "Fat Pages" for "Artchix Sister-Site. This month the colors ere shades of white.


I created this blue angel today. When I was at Good Will the other day I found this blue vase. It was one that is round on the bottom in seats into a metal frame. I have made many angels by using this cone vases. This one is a little smaller only about 5". I made her blouse out vintage handkerchief. Made a halo, added wings and added a little bing. I always love to make angels.


Artchix Sister Siter atc swap-host Pamela McKenzie. The theme "Bejeweled". This was just fun using a lot of bing. Thanks Pam for a fantastic fun theme.


Artchix Sister Site is having a haunted house swap. These are a few of the houses I created.
I want to make an accordion style for the haunted houses I receive and place it on my fire place. Here they are with the doors open.
Theses are the backs
A different style for these-we were to make few in one style and a few more in a different style. We hope to have 13 in all-so it will be a wonderful accordion. My fire place is going to look fantastic.
doors open
and back of set two. I can't wait to see what I will received and when I have put them all together I will show you what a great decoration this is going to be. Thanks Sanna for hosting and having this great creative idea.


I was at Home Depot the other day standing at the check out and saw these carpenter pencils. They are flat so they will not roll when put down. I thought they would be easy and fun to collage and add a message for a friend or loved one. So I bought a dozen-plus they are only 19 cents so very cost affective also. I made up a dozen and then went back for a dozen more.
I stamp on some and printed some saying to add to the pencils. So, how I have a bunch for the our Holiday House to sale and a few to give for gifts. They are just perfect for tying on a package or to fit in a someones stocking.


I love fall colors-I used a stamp and colored in with markers. I cut them out and color another dress and jacket-Glued just the top of the dress and jacket-so there looks like some movement.


I love this idea of making ribbon. I washed a piece of muslin, iron and then tore strips about 1 1/2 " wide. I pick out different stamps and inks to use. Just started stamping. I re-ironed then to set the ink. Took some tags I had and stamped on them and then wrapped the ribbon around the tags. It was fun to pick different themes on the ribbon and I think a basket full of hand made ribbon will look fantastic.