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Don't Throw The Old Rake Out

 My husband was going to throw the rake away.  I caught him just in time.  I saw this idea and love it, so here is my wine glass holder or necklace holder-ready for the Holiday House.

Soldier Necklsces

A couple of soldier necklace I finished.  On their way to the Holiday House.  The House opens on Nov 16.  I can hardly wait to see what every one has created for it.

Up On Your Toes

I love these old cake toppers.  Fun to create with.  Embellished a couple of jars with them.

The bracelet was a gift from Debbie Hodge.  I wove pink velvet and added some medal roses.  Thanks Debbie.

A Small Chest

  found this chest at our Good Will.  I repainted it and added vintage earrings for the handles.  The chest is about 12" tall.  I have two more small chest to re-do.  I need to get busy.


A Pair of silhouettes I did using the frames and silhouettes from Alpha Stamps.

Some New Treasures

 I finished these two pieces today.  Both the necklace and bracelet will go in my art showing next week.  The Palatka Art League is honoring me for the month of October.  I will have my creations on display. I am very excited about be chosen for this month.

Fun Tins

 I made ones like these last year and they all sold at the Holiday House, so decided to make a few more.  I have finish three, still have few more to create with different themes.  A tin full of magnets.  I great little gift for that special friend or to thank someone for being special.

Cross Bracelets

I was going though my old jewelry junk box and came across these crosses so decided to make some bracelets, and  here they are.  The only hard part was making a curve in the cross so they would lay across the wrist.  I was worried they might break.  So lucky they didn't.

Altered Coffin

 Our group Art For The Creative Mind has a altered coffin swap.  This is my altered coffin.
 He is a very dashing fellow and has his small friend with him.  I enjoyed doing this swap and I Can't wait to see what I received.  I just know it is going to be fantastic.

Dream Banner

This was fun-Debbie sent me the beveled glass and the linen Letters. I joined the glass with the letters dream. I painted the brass and place in the oven for  about 20 minutes.  I used the brass to embellish the frames.  Added some rhinestones Debbie also sent.  Aged the chain and put them together.  I love this banner-dream is one of my favorite words.