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Candle Anyone

 I had this iron candle holder and painted it with many different colors to get this color.  I added a glass bowl for the candle to go in with a little bling

Necklace Using A Clothes Pin

I used the springs from a clothes pin to make these necklaces and earrings.
I just removed the springs from the clothes pin and added the bead.  I think they are kind of neat.

More Jar Lights

 Here are some more mason jars I use the mirror spray paint on the insides afar spraying a little water inside.  I wanted them to look like mercury glass.  After they set to dry for a couple of day I sprayed with a sealer.  Added one of those battery candle light inside.
These were made by painting whit glue inside and sprinkling glitter inside.  Let dry and then sealed with clear spray.

Four Top Hats

 The hats are paper macho, that I painted and distressed.  The googles are swimmer's, which first painted with paint for plastic 9let dry for about a week) then painted and painted and the distress.  the lenses I use ink (one drop) and used my finger to smooth around.
 Than I embellished with lots of different things.


Another necklace for our Holiday House sale during the holidays.


The silver is cut from a silver tray, filed smooth and polished.

Fairy Lights

 I used white glue water down a little on the insides of the jar.  Than added german glass glitter-let dry and added the battery light to the inside.  With the light I wrapped wire around with a handle to hang on the top of the jar, so it would be easy to turn it on by putting it out.

Little elf stockings

I got these wooden Elf stocking on sale a couple of years ago.  I painted them and then added german glass glitter.  Attached tacks and ribbon for hanging.


 I got this fantastic case a while back at the flea market.  It was about half full of old bet up hinges.
 I clean it up and painted it.  Than attached vintage post cards. Sealed it.
 I lined the inside with material.

Little Houses

 I made these for our Holiday House.  Palatka Art League  has a Holiday House every year were we sell our arts and crafts.