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Come Fly

 Already sold-I just finish this necklace and it was gone.  So happy.  For the base I used a brass filigree -Used Patina for all medal by Ranger for the color -sealed with a medal sealer.  Added the plane after I aged it a little.  Attached the crystal & the chain.


 I had these left over after using the lids for note holders.  I decided to drill holes and add vintage crystals - they catch great light when hung by a window.

Tussie Mussie

 I love maxing these-I covered the cone in paper then added some embellishments-put some strips of paper in the cone added the little bird.

Tube Necklaces

 I used tube fuses-for the necklaces-added some German glass grittier and a printed word for the inside.


Fun and quick necklaces.  Just wire wrap the keys, make a loop and add the chain.


 Here is some of my hinged jewelry.
 I painted some and added rhinestones

 others I bent and made bracelets
 Added filigree to some
and an angel to one