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Copper Pipe

 We made these out of copper pipe in a class I took with Joni Russell.
 We cleaned the pipe and etch a pattern on the piece of pipe.  We used an ended cap for the top and cut a piece of copper sheeting in a circle for the bottom, which we solier in place/
we added jump rings to the side so we could make a necklace.  Join's classes are always fun-you learn so much.


 I love these birds.  We saw them in Alaska this past summer.  They are about the size of a large crow.
 They are very friendly and very noisy, an nosy.
 I think they are pretty and very fun to watch

Silver Birds

 I cut these birds from a silver tray.
 to make them thicker  added a piece of wood I cut out to match the bird shape.
 I made wings out of the tray and attached with glue and a brad.
On this wide I cut a circle out and put a small round tin with a glass top.  ( I added eggs and some paper cut grass for the inside.