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Fairy and Mermaid Bottles

I made many of these little bottle for our Holiday House and I only have these 3 left. I am very excited about this. The bottles are 2 1/2" tall. I had fun adding the tiny fairies and tiny mermaids in the bottles. I also added some fairy dust and a few small items to decorate the inside of the bottles.
Back of bottles-I added a charm and small tag with the words "make a wish" on the fairies bottle and on the mermaids I added the words "dream a dream".

Artchix Studio "Steam Punk Swap"

All the images I used are from Artchix Studio. Helga has a wonderful selection of collage sheets, so it was easy to use Only Artchix Images. Even though you only had to use one of her images. I love vintage buttons- I have so many jars of them. But I used the buttons from one I received from Helga. The only thing not Artchix was the cardboard for the atcs and the other emblishments.
Four more Stream Punk ATC's. These are for an Artchix Studio Swap. Love trying something new.

My First Lottery Of The New Year

Artchix Sister Lottery-Mary Wilkins is the host and the theme is "Winter Fun". Always great to start the New Year with a fun theme.

Artchix Sister Site Lottery

The theme is "New Year Resolutions"-Cindy McMath is our Host. I am very good at making resolutions but terrible at keeping them. So I decided to pick one that I hope I have a chance of keeping. How are you at keeping your resolutions???


I made this book for a dear friend who just lost her husband.

I used coasters you use for drinks. I lightly painted them and drilled holes. I black the edges with a maker and used a copper ink pad to rub around the edges. Then added decorated paper for background and added my my images of angels. I used glue glitter for color and to define the wings.

Then added some embellishments-put together with ribbon.
back cover


Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses. So, I made up this collage on her. I used an old box top-lined it with decorated paper. I added my images. With a few of the images I used glue dots to add depth. I used markers to add color-which I think added pop to the collage.

Lisa's Bottle

Lisa Robinson sent me this lovely green bottle and wanted a Christmas theme. I decided to use to use an angel coming out of the bottle. I hope she likes it.
back of bottle

Sallie's Round Robin

Another page in the round robin. This is Sue Cervantez book and her theme is "Take Flight. I love the theme-so much fun to play with.

Sallie Rodman host a wonderful Round Robin.
The tags I made for Sue's book. I sure hope she like the pages I made.


This was an Artchix Sister Site swap. Lisa Robinson design this bottle for me. I just love it-so pretty.
I placed it with my Christmas decorations. Lisa has so much talent.
Back of bottle


I can't wait to start creating with all these wonderful treats from Elizabeth Tonlins-Agea. Everything is just so great. Thanks Elizabeth love everything.
Look at all the goodies Lynda Roddy Ozzauto had in her gift. I was the lucky one who received it. This Artchix Studio gift swap is so much fun. Thanks Lynda for this fantastic gift and a big thank you to Helga for hosting.

2nd gift

My second gift is from Cindy McMath-and it is wonderful, It is a pendant of a little girl-isn't she cute. The back has part of a bingo card. I just love it. Thanks Cindy.

Archix Studio Gift Swap

These delightful earrings are from Helga. They are the cutest pair of owls-LOVE THEM!!!!!
Thanks, Helga.

ATC For Artchix Sister Site

The theme is angels- Sabine Busch is the host.

There are already some wonderful ATCs in the lottery. You might want to check it out.


So, excited I received my gifts from Artchix Studio Gift Swap. They are all wrap so wonderfully.
I knew right away the one with the bingo wrapping paper had to be from Cindy McMath, the blue gift paper is from Lynda Roddy Ozzauto, the one with the blue stripped ribbon is from Elizabeth Tinkins-Agea, and Helga sent the cute stripped ribbon plus some delicious goodies. We are to wait and open them all together on the 1st of December and one each day after. It is going to be so much fun. I can hardly wait.

Artchix Sister Site Christmas Ornament Swap

Here are the gift bags I used for the Christmas Ornament swap.

Here are the ornaments I made for my swap. I used vintage crystals and added images from Artchix Studios. I used Diamond Glaze to seal them.
Then added a charm and ribbon. I made the wooden tags to attach to the the gift bags. I sure hope they like them.

ATCs For A Friend

These I made for a friend. We pick a year from the 60's until this year. As you can see I picked 65, 66, & 67. Boy, there was a lot of good things that happen in the 60's.

Artchix Sister Site Bottle Swap

Here is the bottle I did for Sanna for the swap.

I tinted the inside using alcohol inks. and added watch parts and keys to the inside. I used Lisa's Altered Art images for the inside and on top of the bottle. I used and image from Artchix Studio on the inside. You can see it on the back of the bottle (inside the back)

I sure hope Sanna likes it.

close up of front of bottle

view of back of bottle

close up of back

Artchix Sister Site Christams House Swap

These are the houses I made for the swap. Sandy Alsfasser is our host.

The houses are made out of wood. Artchix Studio has them. They are about 2" to 3 1/2" tall. Perfect size to place around for Christmas.

Back of my houses


Here are three fairies I made. Their dresses are from vintage jello molds, which I painted. I made a hold in the middle for their tops to join. I had the heads and made their bodices out of paper clay. I shaped the arms and added the hands. I shape the clay for the legs and added a looped wire at the top to join to the bodice going in the hole on the jello mold.

The wings are made from different items. The first one has wings made from lace and I added some lavender stones. The second pair of wings are from ribbon and the last one wings are made with pink feathers.

I enjoyed making them. I hope you will give it a try.


Lenna has come up with another amazing swap. "Mail art". We were to either use an already made envelope or make our own. I decided to make my own. I used some thick brown paper that had a design writing on it. I added some stamp images. I cut out silhouettes of "Alice in Wonderland". After cutting and gluing them to the envelope I made address labels. I used shimmer Mod Podge (gold) all other the envelopes. Let dry and added my note and sealed.

And I want to thank Lenna for letting me use her photos of my mail art. I was an a hurry to mail them and forgot to scan them. So Lenna was kind enough to let me use her photos.
The fronts.
Here are the backs. And I added a little note that I collage on also. These were so much fun to make. Thanks Lenna for another wonderful swap. I can't wait to see what I receive.


"12 Days Of Christmas" is the theme of the lottery and Sallie Rodman is our host. I picked "Nine Dancing Ladies" for my ATC.


I collage this powder room sign for fun and found I really like it,

so I am going to hang it in my bath room.

Sallie's Round Robin Book Club

These are some pages I did for a Round Robin host by Sallie Rodman. The theme is "Home Sweet Home". Love doing them.
The other pages I did for Julia O. in our Round Robin.

Another item for our Holiday House sale. I love vintage items. And I found this is a fun way to display them. I made several last year and they all sold, so hoping that happens this year also.


I used a 4" by 4" shadow box. I just added things that I like. It would be wonderful to just have a day to dream away.