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Lenna has come up with another amazing swap. "Mail art". We were to either use an already made envelope or make our own. I decided to make my own. I used some thick brown paper that had a design writing on it. I added some stamp images. I cut out silhouettes of "Alice in Wonderland". After cutting and gluing them to the envelope I made address labels. I used shimmer Mod Podge (gold) all other the envelopes. Let dry and added my note and sealed.

And I want to thank Lenna for letting me use her photos of my mail art. I was an a hurry to mail them and forgot to scan them. So Lenna was kind enough to let me use her photos.


  1. Oh, they look awesome on your blog, Barbara! So great to read how you made them. Spectacular!

  2. Humm? I didn't know they made Mod Podge shimmer gold? I bet that looks cool over the top.I can't tell by the picture.Wish I could have seen all of them but what I do see looks great.

  3. Love your envelopes, Barbara! Thanks for sharing your process in making them. I will have to look for that shimmer gold Mod Podge, too!