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My doll for Linda Grungey's Artist Doll Swap. All her clothes are from vintage material. Her dress is from a child's vintage slip and the lace apron is from a vintage lace collar. The flowers are also vintage. To her wings I added two vintage crystals. Her boots are made from wool felt and her hair is also wool. I had fun making her and I hope who ever gets her will love her also.

Little Bird Book?

I got this wonderful little kit from "Navel Jelly Studios" It was fun and easy to do. So now I have a little book that is really a drawer to hide some tiny treasures in.


ATC for lottery on Artchix Sister Site. Theme by Lisa Jackson "Queen For A Day"


Artchix Sister Site "Fat Book Pages" Swap. The colors this month are green and purple. These are the fronts.
These are the backs.


The group "ATCs For Fun" lottery theme is "Travel". So for fun I made these two ATCs. I would love to go to fashion week-what a ball that would be. And as a child we always took road trips for vacation-I remember them as fun and great family time. I hope my children remember our road trips with fond memories also.

"Fairy Wand"

I made this fairy wand for fun. I needle felted the star and the butterfly on each side. I added sparkle and some other embellishments.
The Some Of All My ATCs is having a wand swap, so just had to practice. Now for the one to swap.


The Sums Of All My ATCs is having a swap-"Mad Hatter". Lori Otto is our host. The template is about 6" by 4".
I made the template out of card stock and used some self sticking felt I got at the Dollar Tree for the hat. And embellished them.
I like this swap what a joy it was to create these hats. I can hardly wait to see who's hats I will receive. Thanks for hosting Lori.

Round Robin

Next pages for Sallie's round robin. The theme was "Color". You are to use one color-no theme or sayings. The book had so many beautiful colors already finish when it became my turn-blues, greens, white , purple and many more.
So, I decided to pick totally different ones. Orange for my first set of pages and brown for my other set of pages. This was so much fun using just one color. So here they are.

Corner Shelf Find

I found this corner shelf at our local Good Will. This is what I did with it.
I sanded and base coated it. Painted it off white and stamped a lot of images on. Then sanded again to remove part of the stamped images. Then I went over the whole piece with a tan color and wiped it off as I went a long to give an aged look. And then I sanded it once more. Put a sealer on. I like how it turned out. The top shelf is a little off but I think it adds to the charm.


Artchix Sister Site Lottery- Theme is "Eggs"- Marion the host.

Pay It Forward

This is a fun game.

Joy is who I left a comment and I got a lovely hand create gift from her. (the wonderful card above) If you are one of the first five to leave a comment on this post, I will make something for you for doing so.

Here is the catch then you must pay it forward in this year. And you will make something for the persons who leave a comment on your post.

So have fun and pay it forward.


The Sum Of All MY ATCs is having a swap "Dressing A Bunny". Valeria gave us the template to use for the bunny. I used water colors for the bunnies and attached their legs and arms. I made the dresses then colored with markers. Attached bows and flowers. I loves making the shoes which I then used markers to color. I attached some charms and I had these little bags so I stamped them. I put the bunnies in and then added some pink scraps to fill the bags up.
I love doing this one. Thanks Valeria for another great swap.