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Witches Hat

 The hat is paper macho-which I painted black and then used german glass glitter.  This was a kit from Debbie Hodge.  The boo banner is soldier glass with linen inserts.  On the hat is soldier glass with a vintage photo, which I added rhinestones around it-with a filagree behind..  I added glass eyes to the  skeleton.  Added netting for embellishment.

Hat Stand # 3

 Another hat stand-I had this very large spool I got from Deb Hodge and decided to make a hat stand with it.  The head is covered in hand made paper and sealed.
 I added a watch chain with keys
 around the neck I wrapped a piece of metal
 On the bottom is mare chain and keys-plus a couple of other embellishments.  It stands about 27 inches tall.

Hat Stand # 2

 For this one I used a candle stick holder also.
 I used a ball I covered in tissue paper and sealed.  I attached to the top with glue then embellished with flowers and crystals.

Hat Stand

 My hat stand.  I used a brass candle stick holder for the base (which I sprayed black) and an old kerosene glass base which I added some old vintage pieces inside.  I cover the head in tissue paper,  added  velvet ribbon  and a vintage rhinestone bar pin.  I added some vintage amber crystal with chain around the base.

Another Cuff

 I used a blank cuff-wrapped in leather and wire.  I made holes in the shot gun shells and attached to the bracelet.


 I made a couple of more cuffs.. Covered the blanks  in satin-then added velvet to the front.  I used some ribbon with writing on it and then added brass with a few rhinestones.

Marie Shrine

 Art For The Creative Mind had an Icon Shrine Swap.  I Picked Marie-love her to create with.  I used a miniature cabinet I picked up at Good-Will a while back.
 I pained the chest and used stencils on the sides and back. Than glazed with gold.

 On the inside of the shrine I lined the top, bottom and side with decorated paper.  Cut out an arch for the back ground and glued it about an 1/4 of inch from the back.  Used an image of Marie which I glued about a 1/4 of inch in front of the arch.  I had this cute bird cage-painted and glitter it.  Made curtains out of paper out lined in gold.  Used to frame the shrine.  Added a few details.
I sure hope my swap partner likes her.

Chalk Board Paint

 I got these jars for my wedding over 40 years ago.  They are large in hold a little over a gallon.  I decided to up date them a little.  I painted the wood tope a robin's egg blue.  I found the birds pulls and decided they would look great .  Drilled a hole on top and screwed on.  And painted chalk board paint on the front.  I think they will be perfect in the pantry.

Sara Silk

I used sara silk to make these earrings.  I wrapped it around brass rings-than wrapped wire with beads.


 I planned on making a couple of rings, but when I got started I could not stop.  I used ring blanks.
 I used buttons, and different objects and I added rhinestones.  These were a lot of fun.


 I found this wonderful wrapping paper with dragonflies.  So I used it to cover my dress form.  I painted the base, the top,  and added brass drawl pulls at the arms.

Added some embellishments.  Oh, I also added a few pieces of gold wrapping paper to the body and of course sealed it before adding the embellishments.

Bohemien Bracelets

I used share silk-wrap around cuff blanks-then wrapped wire with beads.  Added chain to finish off.

Bottle Angels

 I finish up some angels today.  I used old bottle for the bogies and add glitter and old beads to the inside of each bottle.  I used some old vintage porcelain doll heads and added wings, a little lace and ribbon.

Button Button Who's Got The Button?

 I love vintage buttons and decided to uses some to make some bracelets and ear rings.
 I used large jump rings to join the buttons.

Mermaid Paper Doll

Art For The Creative Mind had a mermaid paper doll swap.  I made the doll first by using the image of a bathing beauty from a vintage 50's postcard.  I made her serval tails to choose.
 Than I created a card.  She can be removed from the card.  I wanted this to be like the paper dolls I grow up with.  So the inside of the card has pockets so her tails have a place to store.


 I received these cones from Debbie Hodge.  I painted them and added german glass glitter.  Used rhinestone pins and earrings (after I removed the pin backs)  to the front of the cones.  I used filigree findings to the sides-bent them over to move a message for the ribbon to go through.
I think they will look lovely on my tree for Christmas.