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Chalk Board Paint

 I got these jars for my wedding over 40 years ago.  They are large in hold a little over a gallon.  I decided to up date them a little.  I painted the wood tope a robin's egg blue.  I found the birds pulls and decided they would look great .  Drilled a hole on top and screwed on.  And painted chalk board paint on the front.  I think they will be perfect in the pantry.

1 comment:

  1. i just love these!!!
    the birds are a perfect touch!!
    not sure i'd hid them in a pantry..they need to be on a shelf where they can be seen and properly "oohhh-ed and ahhhh-ed " over!!!
    why can i not think of this? you always have the coolest and most creative creations!!!
    i think you should publish a "creative ideas book" !!!