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Lenna has come up with another amazing swap. "Mail art". We were to either use an already made envelope or make our own. I decided to make my own. I used some thick brown paper that had a design writing on it. I added some stamp images. I cut out silhouettes of "Alice in Wonderland". After cutting and gluing them to the envelope I made address labels. I used shimmer Mod Podge (gold) all other the envelopes. Let dry and added my note and sealed.

And I want to thank Lenna for letting me use her photos of my mail art. I was an a hurry to mail them and forgot to scan them. So Lenna was kind enough to let me use her photos.
The fronts.
Here are the backs. And I added a little note that I collage on also. These were so much fun to make. Thanks Lenna for another wonderful swap. I can't wait to see what I receive.