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 Love this class too.  Tobi Britton is wonderful artist and a great teacher.  Love this class.

More With Debby Anderson

 Two more necklaces,  Love love love taking classes with Debby-she is a wonderful person and teacher.

Debby Anderson

 Debby Anderson is a wonderful teacher and here a necklace a created from her class at Artful Gathering.


These relics are from Sandra Everston collection.  I had fun playing with them . They are more burgundy then red.  Thanks Sandra for fun relics to play with.

Fly Away With Me

 Another class I took this one with Luthien Thye at Artful Gathering. This one was fun also.  We made this tin bird houses.

Gilded Relics

I took a class with Debby Anderson at Artful Gathering and this is some of the things she taught us.  I have to finish the relics.  So far a really like the one I finished.  Thanks so Debby for this wonderful class.


 I made this using a clasp for a bookmark.  The amber dangle is a vintage crystal.