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A Little Pink

 Crochet shoes-stray them pink added German Glass Glitter, bows and rhinestones
Plastic High Heels-did the same strayed them pink (except first painted with paint for plastic)  add German Glass Glitter and bows and rhine stone pins (with the pin on the back removed

Wishing For A Little Paris

I had this frame with a mirror, so decided to collage a little bit of Paris.  I used old dictionary pages.  Then added the lady, vintage keys and a wooden Tower.

I had these wood tags with letters on them-stained them and used tacks to attach.

Fun With Debbie Hodge

Debbie Hodge sent me these wonderful brass findings and all the items to go with them.  She spoils me.  

The large one is a belt buckle, the next is a cuff bracelet and the third a compact.

Painted them white ( Debbie already had a base coat on them).  Antique them and accented them with gold glaze.  Cut the images out and place the glass over them.  Push the medal prongs down.  Using E6000 glued the rhinestones down.

Right now I have them sitting out to enjoy.

Altered Eye Glass Case

 Art For The Creative Mind, altered eye glass case swap-theme "Eyes".
 I removed the material that covered the case and used old dictionary pages to cover the both inside and out.  Added some images.  For the hanging items.  Used  doll eyes (after drilling a hole) . I had this old pin with goggle eyes (no idea where I got this). Also a glass heart and metal heart.  Than added the bow.
Then sealed it.  added some doll glasses on the front and back.  I used a vintage key for part of the hanger.
Loved doing this project-was so much fun

A Little Pink Christmas In June

 I decided to have a little Christmas in June.  The wooden tree is about 12 inches-painted it and than added pink mica chips.  When dry added pink bows and crystals the the end of each branch.

 I had this little house for a while-decided to make it for Christmas-so painted-added mica chips to the sides and German silver glitter to the roof.
 I painted the door and widows pink-added the wreath and pick tree .
I beached the green tree white and used pink ink to the branches-when dry added vintage glass balls and mica chips.