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The colors this month are "red and sepia". The are 4" by 4". When we finish we will all have a very colorful book.


Here are my entries for "Once Upon A Springtime"-Maggie Lind is out host. The swap is with "The Sum Of All My ATCs. I used some images that Valeria Brincheck had giving us on her blog. She is so wonderful to us and always gives us wonderful images. Thanks Valeria.


Artchix Sister Site Lottery-theme "Butterflies"-host Cindy McMath. This is my entry. I love this image of the little girl-she is just so sweet!


I made these angels out of wood. I used vintage lace and copied vintage music sheets to make their dresses. I outlined them in black and smudged the edges with a brown ink pad. I attached the dress to the body of the angel with mod podge. I painted the shoes on and the faces. I added wool for their hair. I used vintage linens for their aprons, added vintage buttons and and old key to their hands. And I used some wooden decorations for their wings that I painted. Last I added halos and a ribbon to hang them. I sealed with a sealer. Now these little angels need to find a good home.

Easter Swap

Easter Swap with Artchix Sister Site. The theme of course is Easter and Lisa Robinson is our host. I enjoyed doing these went right along with our wonderful spring weather.


Our first little alligator of the year at the Ravine Gardens Park. He or she is about 2 feet in length.
You have to look really hard for one because they blend in so well. They always look like a log floating in the pond until you see their eyes.


Swap with "The Sum Of All My ATCS". Maggie Lind is the host and the theme is "Renaissance Fair". I love the images from "Paper Whimsy" and used them here. I out lined them in black marker and then added same red paper to out line more. Love these ladies.


Artchix Sister Site Lottery-Sallie Rodman is the host and the theme is the "CIRCUS". I made a paper doll and draw a black line for the tight rope. This is a great theme with so many different choices to choose from. It was hard to pick one.


The theme was "Labels". Here are the first two pages I did. I used Tim Holts pages for the back ground and made the ladies were the labels. I out lined them in back with a blue page the accent them.
These pages I made a pocket using a page from Tim's book. I made some labels into tages and placed in the pockets. The next page is a collage made with labels.
So much fun to play.

Found Treasures

Found these lovely ladies-they are great a little dirty but just right for what I want to do with them.


Just finished my "By The Sea" lottery entry. I love the ocean and these were fun to do. I took about 5 colors of paint (all water colors). I put the paint on heavy-and on different places and then put the other ATC on top of the first one. Push them together and then pulled them a part and let dry. I think is looks like the sea.