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I am wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!
And a big thank you for making my day when you leave me delightful messages.

Image from The Sum Of All My Crafts.


This is the chest I decorate with wonderful art from art friends. My collection is growing and I will have to get a larger tree next year. Love all the art-just wonderful.


Artchix Sister-Site fat page swap. The colors this month chartreuse and gold. The color is chartreuse-doesn't look so in the photo. These were fun colors to work with.


Here are a few wands I made. Each one is a little different.

My Grandson saw them and now I have to made him one. He is 3 and loves playing wizard.


Christmas Tag Swap with Artchix Sister-Site with Sallie Rodman as our host. Tags are always fun to create with so lots of fun here.

Christmas Stocking

"Art For The Creative Mind" stocking swap. We were to amke a stcking between 6" to 8" and fill it with handmade goodies. Well here is my stocking, I have to keep the goodies a secret until my partner receives it. Sure hope she likes the goodies.

ATC Ornaments

Artchix Sister-site ATC ornaments swap. Lisa Robinson is our host for this swap. I love Christmas so I loved making the ornaments.


Here is my little snowman made with a shot gun shell. We have a lot of hunters here in Palatka. (even if I don't like hunting-love the animals to much) so I thought it would make a cute gift for the ladies for their husbands who hunt.


The brass is from the shells of bullets. I drilled holes and added the beads. More items for our Holiday House.


This necklace is made with the shells of bullets. I added the beads to the shells and it turned out fairly well. What so you think?


Our Lady's Garden Club has an auction every year to raise money for their club. A couple of years ago I went with my daughter and I made abid on a box of miss matched wine glass. For $5.00 I received around 15 glasses, all beautiful and none of them matched. I like the look when I serve wine and we have different glasses, but I also had these birds for a while and wanted to do something with them.
So, I made some paper nest and added some ribbon and stars. I think they will look pretty sitting around for Christmas.
I also had some miss match punch glasses so I made paper nest in them also. Most of these I made to hang on the tree.
I sure hope every one at the Holiday House like them. I might just save one for me.


Another necklace for the Holiday House. I have 4 more days to finish my items. On Wednesday we start setting up. It is a lovely Victorian House that our Art League has and we decorate it for the Holidays. It always look beautiful when we are done. Every one has wonderful items they have created for the sale. I hope we all sale everything we have. (a little wishful thinking but I sure hope we do)


I used vintage post cards for this. I thought it could be used as a jewelry box or a chest to keep writing material together.

The top part is large enough to hold note cards, envelopes and stamps and the lower drawer could hold stationery, envelopes and pens for writing. Or the compartments could hold wax for the use of you seal.
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The group "Art For The Creative Mind" is having a Christmas Pennant swap. You are to choose a word and make the pennant using that word. I choose the word believe.


I made a fun necklace and earring set today. It was so enjoyable to just play around with found treasures.


I love mermaids!! So I made these to hold jewelry. Also the fork is twisted so it can hold a note. The mermaid images are from Artchix Studios. I used candle stick holders-using a wooden dowel. I drilled two holes in the fork so I could attach the mermaid to the dowel with nails. I also used large nail I painted and used paper to cover the nails.


Artchix Sister-Site has an on going fat pages each month. There are different colors to create with each month and November's is turquoise.


The girl faces are from Paper Whimsy. I love these old pocket watches-pocket watches have a special place in my heart. My Grandfather always used one with a chain that attached to his pocket-so he would not lose it.


Just had to made one more for a friend. This time of year is so much fun.


I found some salt and pepper shakers at Good Will over the year and thought this would be a quick and cute idea for the Holiday House this year. I finish these three and have several more to finish. I run out of wire, so need to go out to get some more.


My button snowmen are already to hang on a tree or you can wear them. So easy to make. I used vintage buttons-wiring them together and adding the glass bead that already had a face face and a carrot nose. I used a large black sequin and a black glass bead for the hat-twisted the wire on top for a hanger. Added string around the neck for the scarf.
This snowman is about 3" tall
These snowmen are about 2" tall.