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I love this idea of making ribbon. I washed a piece of muslin, iron and then tore strips about 1 1/2 " wide. I pick out different stamps and inks to use. Just started stamping. I re-ironed then to set the ink. Took some tags I had and stamped on them and then wrapped the ribbon around the tags. It was fun to pick different themes on the ribbon and I think a basket full of hand made ribbon will look fantastic.


  1. very cool idea...the result are beautiful! these would also make a nice little surprise with swaps! thank you much for sharing :)

  2. such a lovely idea!!
    these really are pretty!!

  3. I sain my tags with insatant coffee.I mix up a full spoon with a little water and paint it on.They look really old and smell good.Just a thought for some Halloween ribbons.These look great boy I wish I had that mermaid stamp.