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Artchix Sister Site is having a haunted house swap. These are a few of the houses I created.
I want to make an accordion style for the haunted houses I receive and place it on my fire place. Here they are with the doors open.
Theses are the backs
A different style for these-we were to make few in one style and a few more in a different style. We hope to have 13 in all-so it will be a wonderful accordion. My fire place is going to look fantastic.
doors open
and back of set two. I can't wait to see what I will received and when I have put them all together I will show you what a great decoration this is going to be. Thanks Sanna for hosting and having this great creative idea.


  1. These are wonderful and whoever gets them will be extremely lucky.

  2. just love these!! i enlarges every photo because i didn't want to miss any details!!! you made some outstanding,spooktacular haunted houses!!!
    i'll be looking forward to seeing you mantle decoration!!!

  3. Really terrific idea. Can't wait to see them altogether.

  4. Love these spooky houses Barbara.
    Thanx for stopping by my blog.

  5. What a cute take on the house theme. They're so creative!