Welcome to my blog-I hope you enjoy!

GIVE AWAY-The Maevelous Album of Madam B

With the opening of my blog-I would love to give this wonderful book to someone who leaves a comment. So please leave a comment and how to get in touch. I will pick the winner on the 15 of June so plenty of time. I heard about this book on "Paper Whimsy" and they are right is a fantastic book. "THE MARVELOUS ALBUM OF MADAME B'

So, just leave a comment-I need all the help I can get on making my blog better.



  1. Yay! Barbara has a blog! And I am the first follower! Looks good so far, my only suggestion is more art work please. Marnie

  2. Barbara, so this is what you've been up to! How lovely it is....Good for you that you're bloggin' Congratulations on a job well done! Hope to have one of my own one day. Great job on the little painted box too!

    Kind regards and good luck with your new home to show off all of your lovely art! Pam

  3. Barbara, I am so happy to see you have a blog! It looks wonderful already and I know it will be a fabulous place to visit! Your artwork is always beautiful and so creative, too!

    Sure would love to win that book!! :))))

  4. Oh Barb, I am so happy you now have a blog. Isn't it fun! I love your art and can't wait to see more. Love the book! Choose me, choose me! lol