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Gothic Arches For Artchix Sister-Site Swap

The arches are always fun to create. My favorite new trick is to use wax paper on part of the collage. I learned this new trick from the "Romantic Gothic Ghost" work shop, I just took. You crinkle the wax paper up-add some ink to age it. Use a glue stick to attach to your collage and use a credit card or bone folder to smooth out. I just love the look of it.


  1. What a great idea to use waxed paper. I went up close and personal with your arches and they are fabulous and the waxed paper adds something to them.

    Mary Wilkins

  2. These turned out great!I have been playing with the idea to use copy paper.But this would do the same thing and probably be stronger.Vellum would work to I suppose.