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We went to Waldo's Flea Market and I found all these lovely things for $30.00.
9 vintage photos and adds and all this wonderful silverware. Flea markets are so much fun.
I also for $10.00 found four brand new sweat shirts. Oh, they have Gap and the like on them but I bet they are not brand names. But for my studio if I spill paint or glue it will not matter. We hope to go to the St. Johns Flea Market in a couple of weeks-can hardly wait-I just have to save some money before we go.


  1. Barbara, I am so jealous that you are able to go to the flea markets! It is too cold here for any treasure hunting. I am looking forward to warm weather so that I can take advantage of all the yard/garage sales and, also, flea markets!

  2. Barbara, I love what you bought! My mother got me into old movies when I was a child and I look for all kinds of ephemera that is not too expensive. We are a bit too cold for the outdoor section of our flea markets, but there are indoor booths, which are kind of pricey.

    Love spring when I can go out and see what is being sold that I might want.

    Mary Wilkins