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Trip To St. Johns Flea Market

These wonderful photos and post cards were only $5.00.
Chest pieces are in fantastic condition. As your can see the bag they came in is pretty bang up-but love it even more for that reason. The chest pieces are going to be fun coming up with something to do with them. They were $15.00 so less then a $1.00 a piece.
Keys- the tin was pretty full and they were $10.00-a little costly but can be used for so many art projects.
Hinges came in a suit case which was $10.00 for both. So many different kind of hinges-so many to choose from.
As you can see the suit case is very dirty-but I am going to scrub it and remove the lining. Then I will paint it and add images. For the inside I think I will line with fabric-so many choices to make.

I love treasure hunting and the winter is the best time in Florida. I hope in a couple of weeks to hit the Daytona Flea Market. I hope it is as much fun as this one-just to many choices to make.


  1. The suit case looks like the ones I have that used to be yours???? Samsonite???? either way you got lots of goodies to play with for sure.

  2. The hingedeal was excellent but the keys not so grea as somne are modern. But those hibges would be a lot more costly up here in the NE that's for sure plus that suitcase is awesome too! I wish we lived close I would go a huting with you I love antique stores for art suplies and altering. If you look close there's always a bargain to be had isn't there! Those chess pieces look really great too by the way! Fun day~! Grat Blog and pretty artwork too! Hugs, Sanna

  3. You hit pay dirt for sure Barbara. Excellent flea market finds! I wanna go next time :) Have fun with it all.