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I used these cheap flock birds that I purchase from the Dollar Tree and used vintage music sheets to cover them. I used Mod Podge to attach the strips of music sheet. Then cover them in silver glue glitter. I added rhinestones for eyes. Finish them off with a bow and some more rhinestones. I thought this would be a quick and easy project. But it seen to take me a long time, but I do like now they look when finished..


  1. oh,these are so pretty!!! I'm always amazed how you see something from the dollar store and transform it into a beautiful piece!! I need to "borrow your eyes" the next time I go to the dollar store! hugs!

  2. I love how you altered these beautiful birds. So creative. Marsha

  3. Barbara, These are delightful! I LOVE them!
    We lost one of our dollar stores , and I do not get to the other one too often(I do not get out often...no car, and no $ LOL...getting the other truck on the road soon, so that fixes one issue HA!)...was in it the other night, didn't see anything like these. Would you be willing to sell one. I know my daughter would love it(musician) and her Bday is 7/6 I'd love to add it to her gift, if you'd be willing to part with one. :) Please let me know asap.
    Thanks, Susan

    Ps...I would ask for 2 as I love them myself, but I won't push my luck ;) (my Bday was yesterday)

  4. Wonderful work!! I also received one of your small books from the Lenna creative swap. Thank you so much I love the colors and butterflies.