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Three Angels

At last my angels are finished. They are 16" to 18" tall not counting the wings.
These are the bases for my angels. I got these at a craft store, they were for potted plants.
I bent the legs up and sanded and painted them gold. I used paper clay to made the bodies and added porcelain heads. I used pipe cleaners to attach the hands. I wrapped lace around the arms to give them a shape.
Then the fun begins-dressing them. I used some vintage lace and linens and some newer item to finish them.
In the base I added a bird nest, glass beads for eggs and birds.
What do you think of them?


  1. These angels are beautiful, very nicely done :-)

  2. Hello Barbara, thank you for joining ShabbyTeaParty so I could find you. I've had the best time looking around your blog. I can tell now that I will be inspired here and will visit often. Love these angels!!! I'm off to look around some more. Hugs,