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Little Tutu's

 Debby Anderson's class with Artful Gathering-I loved making these-Debby's classes are the best.


  1. what enchanting pieces, Barbara! I assume they're meant to be worn as necklaces - but I would hang one proudly next to my front door on the outside to welcome guests; and one on the inside next to the door to bid them come again!...and who could resist such grace and elegance!. Brilliant!

  2. Barbara, these are just stunning tutus! love the name as well! heehee
    Thank you so much for your comments on my blog,they made my day!! I Love your art and have watched you for awhile now! Again,thanks so much and best of luck with the hop!
    hugs,Jackie ")

  3. I am speechless!! They are so adorable! I would love hanging them in my home! I love bling and love how you used it here!!