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Miss Hazel is a doll I created for the doll group I belong too-The challenge was to create a animal doll.
Miss. Hazel is a apprentice wizard and she is attaining her information and learning from Gaylynn. Gaylynn has been a wizard for a while and I will be adding her tomorrow. She just has to finish her last lesson with Hazel.

Hazel was a lot of fun to create. Her feet are wire wrap in floral tape and then painted and sealed. Her body is a bird cage with a cat hanging around for good luck. She has a Love potion book and a bottle of potion for dreams. And she has her wand, I mean what is a wizard with out a wand.
To finish her I added some vintage jewels so she could sparkle. I think she will make a fantastic wizard.


  1. Oh, Miss Hazel is too sweet. I love this.

  2. Miss Hazel is delightful!!! i love the kitty in the cage! the jewels are very fitting for this lovely Miss Hazel!!