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On Our Way

On our way to Nina's class Saturday Robin spotted this peacock just walking down the side of the highway and there were no houses near by. We turned a round to get a picture but he already was heading back in the woods. But at least the wonderful colors show up. We never know what we will see on our way some where.


  1. beautiful photo Barbara!!!!
    Do I see a future wonderful art piece using this?

  2. This is amazing! Also amazing is the incredible necklace and earrings I received from you! You are so special. I adore costume jewelry and birds so it was perfect. I will put a little surprise in the mail for you at the end of the week. Take care dearie, gerri

  3. what a wonderful treat. that is one of my favorite animals. really not just saying that. I painted an upstairs closet with a peacock. I got peacock stuffed animals and dolls and the Barbie (I sold all my Barbies except for that one) the peacock is always popping up in my work. Look at my avatar. Is it not a peacock LOL!